DJgdCh, D Ch (Club & VDH) Clan-Abby NZ Carolyns DylanVDH/ZBrH 7644 (NZKC 00147-2001) schwarz-weiss HD-A CEA-frei/11.01 CEA:nor Cl:nor TNS:nor

AUS Ch. & Grand Ch. Clan-Abby Hiland-Trekker NZKC 06117-1997 schwarz-weiss

Ch. Trumagik Tartan Trekker ANKC 1394656 schwarz-weiss

Ch. Crystalledge Star Trek ANKC 0860114 shcwarz-weiss


Ch.Trumagik Toucho Tartan ANKC 1128028 red-white


Ch. Hiland Haze of Clan-Abby NZKC 04262-1988

Ch. Clan Abby Casanova TooNZKC 02758-1987 schwarz-weiss


Ch.Rullion JoyNZKC 54076


Ch. Hazie-Star at Clan-Abby NZKC 01614-1996

Ch. Glentress Chain Reaction ANKC 1280181

Ch. Checkmate Choco ANKC 211737


Checkmate Queeno Scots ANKC 179192


Ch. Clan-Abby Christmas-Star NZKC 03161-1994

Clan-Abby Sing the Blues NZKC 14396-1986


Ch. Hiland Haze of Clan-Abby NZKC 04262-1988


Ch (VDH) Madeley`s Step in Style VDH/ZBrH 10862 (KCR AE04501203) schwarz-weiss HD-A CEA-frei (S) 27.10.04 CEA:nor TNS:car

Sh Ch. Madeley`s Time Challanger KCSB 1871 CI schwarz-weiss HD-Engl. 5/4 CEA-PRA-KAT-frei (Engl.)

Nahrof no Comment KCSB 0363 CG schwarz-weiss

Ch. Nahrof First Edition ANKC 1038486 schwarz-weiss


Ch. Ahrof Formal Affair ANKC 1190349 schwarz-weiss


Madeley`s Hit the Rite Note KCSB 0541 CF schwarz-weiss

Wizaland Newz Sensation KCR P4811703P03 schwarz-weiss


Ch. Madeley`s Bizzie Lizzie KCSB 1911 BY schwarz-weiss


Madeley`s Picture Puzzel KCR AC02469702 tricolour HD-Engl. 5/5 CEA-PRA-KAT-frei (Engl.)

Ch. Madeley`s CheckmateKCSB 4486 CK schwarz-weiss, HD-A, CEA-PRA-KAT-frei/01&02, CEA:nor

Ch. Claygar Bootsy`n Snudge KCSB 0667 CJ schwarz-weiss


Madeleys Hit The Rite Note KCSB 0541 CF schwarz-weiss


Miraje It`s Miracle at Madeley`s KCSB 1873 CI schwarz-weiss

Ch. Beesting WarriorKSCB 4130 CA schwarz-weiss


Wizaland Newz Splash KCR S4009603S04